Sensual Biting Fetish Info

Is there such a thing as sensual biting fetish? If you enjoy sensual biting your partner or you just enjoy the way your partner responds to this type of stimulation we cannot call biting a fetish. But if you cannot get aroused unless you bite your partner then yes, it is a fetish. Sexual fetishism is the fact of getting sexually aroused by objects, actions or body parts that are not necessarily considered sexual in nature. Here you have some more biting fetish info.
Sensual biting can be just one of the many various fetishes that individuals have. As an example, some people get aroused by brunettes, or feet or finger nails or lipstick and these are their fetish. Whereas some people think that having a fetish is something abnormal, let me tell you that most of us have them and they are perfectly normal if the other partner involved has nothing against it and as long as it does not become an obsession.

FetishAs well as all these things can turn on some people, biting does the same for others. No matter we are talking about biting the lips, fingers, toes, or just skin people can get aroused by these actions. Whereas some may have preferences for particular parts of the body, some are just focused on every “bitable” place on his or her partner’s body. Some prefer biting nipples and some toes. Since it came to toes as extra biting fetish info you should know that many people have a fetish for feet and toes.
When it comes to biting as a fetish you should keep in mind that it is perfectly right if your partner agrees with it and enjoys it as well. Fetishes are so called the “bedroom obsessions” but you may be careful how much of an obsession it becomes if you do not want to scare your partner. After all, if it is right or wrong it is only up to both partners. If it is a consensual practice, who would have anything against it?
What is tricky about biting is that it is easy to cross the line when the tension and passion arise during foreplay. It is easy to lose control and bit too hard and when pain is felt, that was about it in what concerns the sensuality of the action. Biting can be used for one’s benefit during foreplay and even by those who do not necessarily have a fetish for it. Varying between different types of stimulation is even recommended and the outcome will be felt by both partners.
Sensual biting fetish can turn into a pleasant experience for both partners, not only for those who have a fetish for it but only if done right and according to your partner’s expectations because in the end that is what is all about.



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