Sensual Biting Kissing Techniques

Hot kissing techniques are one way to build the sexual tension between a couple and should be included as part of foreplay as well as during the act of intercourse. While there are many different ways to kiss a lover, from a light peck on the cheek to a full blown sensual biting kiss, using the right kiss at the right time can make all the difference between raising a lover’s arousal and ruining the evening. Learning all the various methods of kissing a lover will do wonders for a guy who wants to be able to use kissing as a way to enhance the mood. A quick kiss on the lips is fine for social situations, but other kisses and romantic sensual biting are more suited to times when a couple is alone.

The classic sensuous kiss is a french kiss. This kiss is different from other types of kisses in that it uses the tongue as well as the lips. While it might not be appropriate in some situations, when used properly, this kiss will surely raise a lover’s level of arousal. The first rule of french kissing is make sure your mouth is clean. If you have just eaten a big greasy hamburger, then this is not the kiss to use. Either brush your teeth first or chew some mint gum to erase unwanted tastes and smells. Also, being in the correct position is important. Sitting side by side or face to face are the best positions for french kissing. Start with normal kissing with closed lips and then lightly push your tongue across your lover’s lips. From here, just use common sense. If she wants to french kiss, she will also part her lips. The tongue to tongue contact should be light, sensual, and gentle. You don’t need to explore every crevice of her mouth because the action is all in the touching of the tongues.

If you are looking to raise the mood even further, a sensual biting kiss might be the answer. As you pull back from a regular or french kiss, you should lightly bite your lover’s lower lip. This bite should be more suggestive than an actual bite. Your intention is not to cause any pain, but rather to provide a new sensation and move the action along. Biting too hard will hurt and could easily ruin the mood. Just a light tugging with the front teeth will be enough to get your message across. You should take care to notice how your lover responds as this will tell you to continue with another sensual biting kiss or to try something different. Combined with other variations of hot kissing techniques, the french kiss and biting kiss will definitely fill your partner with desire.



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