Sexy Neck Biting Techniques

As the neck is one of the erogenous zones for most men and women, it would be a pity to neglect it during a perfect foreplay and because we thought you will need few sexy neck biting techniques and tips here you have them. A sensual biting play can be your key to a never ending night but you have to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to the neck. The usual advice is try anything that comes across your mind and stick to whatever your partner likes but you should know first what is sensual and hot and hat goes beyond it when it comes to neck biting.

NeckHot sensual biting starts with a built up tension. If you want to make the experience pleasant you would not want to go straight ahead to biting her or his neck as it is just a piece of meat. You first have to prepare your partner’s body and mind for the sensual biting play. First start with kissing your partner, caressing him or her and use your dirty talk (if she or he likes it).
The trick about the hot sensual biting is that it has to be quick. This is mainly due to the fact that if the bite is too long it tends to get too harsh and painful so let’s not do that. Once you get into it, you will know what to do as long as you follow the rules by keeping it quick and sensual.
Start with the bottom or the top of her neck or with her lips and then go on gently alternating kisses with bites. Whenever you have your mouth close to her or his ear you can take advantage and whisper him or her something sexy. Use your tongue and make her or him shiver. Use all the tricks you have in your favor. Touch the neck with your hands or nose before kissing or biting it and let your partner feel your breath. You may get carried away by all this tension and passion but remember not to bit too hard because even the least feeling of pain can result in a disaster (especially when it comes about women).
The most important is what not to do if you do not want to spoil your foreplay. First of all, do not bite random places. Take your time and explore the neck as it is the only part of her body at that particular time. Also, do not make noises. Keep it quiet and gently all the time. Slurping and smacking is a definite turn off and if they happen so close to the ear is even worse.
If using the right techniques, sexy neck biting can be only the beginning of a wonderful foreplay for your partner.



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